Bird box challenge with my youngsters

Bald shaved pussySo I recently watched that crazy ass movie Bird Box and got inspired to partake in the highly talked-about Bird Box challenge. It’s kinda dumb but you’re supposed to be blindfolded while you do certain things and see how well you can do them without any sight. I thought what better way to have some fun with this challenge than with my horny little youngsters. I invited over one of my nigger fuck buddies because I was totally in the mood for his python cock in my pregnant bald shaved pussy! I have had a serious case of jungle fever & an insatiable appetite for big black dick.  I wrapped a blindfold around his eyes and lined up my little ones in a single file line. Mommy went over to each and every one of them and had them spread their ass & pussy cheeks open wide so that my BBC fuck buddy could lick on each of their clits to determine how young they are in age. I fluffed up their assholes with my saliva and let him insert his fingers inside of them so that he could feel around to get a better determination. His chocolate cock was fucking throbbing as my young ones giggled while his tongue tickles their tiny genitals. Just when he thought he had them all figured out, I brought my little boy in to the lineup so that he could feel on his beautiful penis shaft. He has such a big boy pee pee and my nigger boy toy loved jerking it into his mouth. My sweet boy’s cummies were splooged all over and Mommy was so turned on by it all!

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