Glory Hole Cum Fun

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The Cum Slut spa is what I like to call it. You probably know it as a Glory Hole. There is one place I go to when I want to get real freaky and cover myself in a strangers cum. See this is no bathroom stall. This Cum Slut spa has its own private room. When you walk in Cum is already on the floor. The hole in the wall is so big multiple cocks can fit through. This means I can get my face plastered by more than just one juicy thick cock. I bring my oil with me when I go, I rub the oil on three sometimes even five cocks at a time. I reach my hand through the hole letting those thick meat men know I am ready for a good cum tasting time. They know me very well and are always excited when I come in. Once I rub the oil into their sexy dicks I lick and kiss all my precious pets. These men love when I rub there cocks together, stuff them all into my mouth, begging them for my sweet creamy treats. I won’t leave until my entire naked body is covered with warm sticky goodness. I moan so loud, telling each one of my sweet men thankyou, every time they splatter me with their magic potion. There are other girls usually waiting for their turn, I am such a kinky slut for cum I will invite them in the room with me so we can enjoy the slimy man juice together. I love rubbing my body against a sexy woman, gliding on top of her, knowing cum is helping our bodies glide with ease.

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