Girth Loving Gash

Tight shaved pussy


I don’t share my tight shaved pussy with just anybody.  I might be a cum craving slut but my cunt only wants to catch the creamy nut that comes from the thickest, fattest cocks.  No offense to anyone, but the long thin ones just don’t get me off.  I’m a girth loving girl, I’ll take a chode over a footlong coney any day.  The snot spitting sausage I love the most though, is a long and beefy, bulky, lengthy horse cock of a dong.  

Those aren’t the most common, believe it or not.  It’s not as easy as you’d think to find a forearm sized fuckstick.  You might be thinking “Just find a black guy, stupid bitch” or something like that.  Trust me, I had that thought, too, I fucking tried that already.  Contrary to popular belief, black skin does not automatically mean a man has a gigantic gash gorger.  You have just as much chance to find an enormous nookie loaf in a white dude’s pants, race doesn’t really matter.  I’ve even had a humongous hole stretching Mongoloid man meat before and I know you know the stereotype about Asian cocks.

I don’t care what color you are or how far down your leg your dick hangs.  All I want to know is how wide that mother fucker gets when you get turned on.  I’ll take it even if you’re only 3 inches long as long as you’re at least 4 inches around.  That’s what my tight shaved pussy needs.  Well, that and your cum.


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