Fuck Me Everywhere!

Fetish Phone Sex

I’ve been imagining all the hot fetishes and fantasies I can think of, trying to have an orgasm to every single one to see which one excites me the most! When you tell me how badly you want to take me in every spot of the house my little bald cunt gets so wet and excited! I want you to fuck me in every place you can possibly think of! Take me on the train and shove your big cock down my throat and fuck my face hard enough so I can feel that big full ball sack hitting my chin while your releasing that creamy white load down my throat and let everyone watch me swallow it all up like the good cum eating whore I am just for you. When we’re finished here, take me to an airport and let’s travel so another country for you to tease my slutty pussy and fuck me while in the air. I want to feel it fill me up while we’re thousands of miles up in the sky! That has been one of my dreams to be fucked in the air! I need you to fuck me everywhere! 

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    • philip on June 11, 2021 at 5:54 pm
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    nice blog you have quite the dirty mind

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