Fuck me Daddy, Spank me Daddy

Daddy phone sexHey there Daddy, I know you’ve been talking a lot of shit about your sex game… whispering in my ear and making me feel all sorts of hot and bothered and shit. You make me so fuckin horny, I can’t contain my wetness! You say you can fuck, Daddy? Well I’m gonna need you to come and prove it to me. I can’t wait to see your dick, put your tongue on me and manhandle my fuck holes like how I’m so eagerly craving. First well start with me giving you a sloppy wet blowjob then you’re gonna beat this tight little bald pussy up. Bend me over face down ass up and hit it from the back, Daddy. Spank my booty cheeks and make them jiggle while your nutsack slaps against me. I know better than to run from that big cock, I take it like a champ! That long dick is so yummy, I can’t get enough. I ride on top of it like I’m dancing in the club lol. You love all this attention that I show to you, don’t you Daddy?! Slip the head of that thick cock inside me, i’m gonna drop it down fast and grind my tight slit all over you. Put that huge dick inside me and wild out while we have the nastiest daddy phone sex ever!

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