Freak Like Me


No limits phone sex

My pussy is the best I will let you beat it up good. I love for guys to fuck me, especially if they are from the ghetto. All I can do is take that dick all day and all night, and I beg please for more. Let me be your fucking cunt whore, don’t you know that I’m the best. I can do what you need me to all you have to do is come into my room. I’m the whore and the nasty fucking bitch you like to know. Give me your body fuck me like a crazy beast in heat. You can fuck me in any way that you can think of. I have no stops, and I have no rules. I am the fucking cunt cum dumpster whore that you need in your life more than you need anyone, including your mama. Let me put my strap-on on because I can fuck you too. I will run my strap-on dick inside of your ass and make you scream like a fucking sissy. Do you want to be my sissy? I’m all over the place, and I’m wild and untamed it’s what I do and so well. Let me drive my tongue in your asshole; let me push my thick tongue in your ass. I know that you’ll feel like it’s really real and everything is going at the perfect Pace. I am your ruler if you want me to be because I like role play and I do it so great. I am delicious, and I am deliciously evil with what I do behind closed doors. Come to me if you’re not afraid and find out about all the nastiness that goes on in my world.


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  1. Paul

    Your blog is hot and your body is the bomb. Love bitches like you make my dick rock fucking hard.

  2. david

    mmmm I want some of that

  3. Scott

    sexy Voice and hot blogs

  4. Frank

    Baby you had me hard all day.

  5. JAke

    Your tits are hot

  6. Seth

    I am always so horny

  7. Lamar

    I want to be your sissy. Let me into your evil world that I know nothing about! I want to learn everything from you, sweet goddess!

  8. Evan

    I want you to be my mistress.

  9. Lamar

    You are such a nasty little cum dumpster, aren’t you, Faye? I want to show you what a good ghetto fuck is all about, you little whore.

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