Finger fucked at the movies

Tight shaved pussyI went on a cute little date to the movies last night and I ended up getting my tight shaved pussy played with the whole entire time! I was taken aback because I didn’t expect him to be so sexual and open minded but boy was I wrong! Thankfully I was wearing a slutty outfit like usual and my short little skirt was perfect for easy access for him to feel up into my fuck holes while the movie played for us. There were not too many people in the theater so we were able to snuggle up and get freaky in the dark while we enjoyed the show. I was dripping fuckin wet, I think my juices for sure soaked all through the fabric of the movie theater seat, lol oops I did it again! His fingers were literally going crazy as they plunged in and out of my slit. I squirted all over the floor, the workers had to get a mop to soak it all up! I think the teen boy employee was so turned on by what he saw that he creamed in his pants right there in front of me, lol. He handed over some coupons for some free candy and popcorn during my next visit, being a dirty little whore sure does have it’s perks!

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