Facial for my little one

Hot PhonesexI had some super hot phonesex with a shy boy, it was a whole bunch of fun to get him to break out of his shell! My little one cooking up inside of me deserves to have a big cum load facial just like how Mommy gets them! Shy boy had a rock hard cock but he was very eager to put it to good use, he would do anything to keep me happy and proud of him. I spread my legs open wide and used my fingers to spread apart my bald pregnant cunt. I told shy boy to jerk his dick and blast his load all over my pussy, it’s the best way for my angel in my womb to experience all of that fresh & juicy jizz! That little fuck whore needs to be taught early on how to be the best little slut that she can be. She’s nothing but a sex toy for us to play with!

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