Every Guy Wants 2 Girls. Right?

2 girl phone sex


Of course every guy in the world loves 2 girl phone sex!  Who wouldn’t want to blow their loads in a couple of cum guzzling cock lovers in one steamy sex session?  You can’t tell me that every man alive doesn’t have the desire to cram their dong into two slick and slippery fucktoy sluts and stretch out both of their slits like they were nothing!

What, you don’t think you would want to dig out the dugouts of two chode loving chicks?  You must be a crocodile in Egypt, Man, because you are in DENIAL!  You know you’ve dreamed of having two moist mouths on your dick at the same time, make one of us suck on your nuts and taint while the other slobs your knob, working you over like it’s a part time job.  I love to eat ass.  Wouldn’t you like me to flick my tongue all over your puckered little sphincter while my bestie gives you a juicy deep throat fucking?  Whatever, Dude!  We’d have you squealing like a schoolgirl in no time!  Get the fuck out of here with that shit!

How about stacking us up so you can go from one cunt to the other really quick like?  I guarantee we’ll get you so hot that you won’t have any problem blowing back to back loads deep inside of both of our tight and trusty twats.  You can say you don’t think you’d like that, but if you did, then I’d have to say that you just don’t think.  Not with the right head, anyway!


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