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This hot phonesex slut tends to do 2 girl calls with Sexy Milf Esmerelda and her voice is dripping with sex. I have had a girl crush on her fine ass for a while now. Those big tits with brown areolas and gumdrop nipples make me blush in my pussy. Plus she has a major bush on her. I have always kept mine bald and smooth but wondered if men loved her hairy bush even more than mine.  I guess I talked her up and it was obvious that I had a rich fantasy life involving Esmerelda. I got a phone call as I was leaving and it was her! I stammered a bit as she told me she was flying in and would love to take me on a girls night out. I had four hours to get ready, I had no idea what to wear when She texted me to wear a leather mini skirt and fishnets and heels. The address she sent me couldn’t have been right, it was the kit kat club I sometimes stripped at. But I was there on time and when I saw her she was a fine piece of ass with white fishnets clear heels and a baby blue silk dress on. Her massive mammaries almost falling out under her fur lined jacket. Suddenly, My bouncer, Harvey grabbed our arms and led us backstage I think we were drawing too much attention outside. Esmerelda demanded I go on next and reached in my halter top and pinched my nipples. “Go Make some money bitch!” I danced and stripped some as she came on stage minus the jacket and dress. The men cheered as she drug me by the hair over her lap and began spanking me in time to the music. I could see nothing but heard her ask the audience if they wanted more. My ass was filled with her fingers as she whispered what a dirty tramp I was. Money rained down on the stage as she announced I would be taking cock for the next hour in the black Vip Room. It was a blur as I was fucked and had a cock shoved down my throat. I was panting on the floor watching her count the money. Esmerelda spanked my ass thanked me and left. A perfect dom for a perfect submissive. I didn’t even get to touch her! https://phonepervertsparadise.com/esmerelda/ For my men who want to hear he diamond dripping sexy voice!

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