Elite Daddy Dick

Daddy phone sexSome may think that i’m such a good girl but the truth is, i’m a good girl gone very bad. I have men flocking and bowing down to me daily to have some naughty fun with my perfect curves. A baddie like me deserves all the elite and high-class shit that life has to offer, including top-notch dick! My bald slit loves to be pounded by my Daddy’s raging hard cock while we have Daddy phone sex. It’s throbbing so hard for me that you can see the veins pulsating on it, just dying to be deep up inside of my slutty, juicy little pussy. I love how my Daddy’s cum tastes, it’s such a kink of mine to be able to guzzle down his fresh load of cock cream, it’s like liquid gold while it drains down my throat. He grabs onto my sexy hair and pulls my head back as he face fucks my beautiful mouth. I have the best dick sucking lips, they’re like soft pillows as I suction them on to his hard shaft. His cock is long as fuck, I can deepthroat him and give him a hand job all at the same time. Double the trouble and double the pleasure for my special man while I suck and lick him up, juggling his balls in my mouth while staring up at him. My pretty eyes start to water while I gag on Daddy’s dick and feel him bust every last drop of jizz down my throat. He has me so fucking wet, I beg him to pound me raw, that’s my favorite! That dick belongs inside of my sexy tight pussy. Daddy has me craving his second load of cum so badly! It belongs all inside of my cunny and smothering every inch of my hott body. He loves getting me soaked! I get on all fours and he fucks me from the back as he grabs my hips while he thrusts inside of my dripping wet little slit. He’s hammering into me so fucking hard that his nut-filled balls slap against my clit. It’s so damn sexy to hear Daddy moaning from all the pleasure he feels while dicking me down properly. We’re both craving a creampie inside of my pink asshole, so delicious! As he pulls out of my cunt he explodes a big ass fucking load of sticky sperm all over my booty and makes it trickle down between my thighs. I can’t get enough of my dirty Daddy and his perverted ways. We always have the hottest phone sex together!Hottest phone sex

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