Due any day now

Phone sex milfI’m due any day now and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of this little bitch, Mommy is ready to start the process of pregnancy all over again! I love fucking endlessly and getting filled with innumerable amounts of cum loads until I’m officially pregnant! So many men line up at the chance to have sex with me and desperately want to be the father of my little one. Some perverts are so fucking obsessed with me that even if they’re not the biological father they still want to be the step-dad. Lol I can’t help but laugh! There’s a reason why I have such a dirty reputation as being the nastiest phone sex milf on the site! This preggo pussy sure does cast a spell on all of the bastards that I let have a taste of me! I’m a kinky whore but you already knew that. I find solace in having dozens upon dozens of sexual partners and literally not knowing who’s cum belongs to who. I guess that’s what life becomes when you’re a multi-time Mom with absolutely zero regard to stopping the process any time soon! I love being a pregnant skank and having all eyes on me everywhere I go. My tittles are permanently lactating and I love it! Let’s fuck and see what happens! Will your jizz be the lucky sperm to impregnate me?!

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