Dreaming of You Tonight

Fantasy phone sex

Let’s get real sexy you know we could. You look like the tall, dark, handsome stranger I’ve been in love with all my life. See I’ve dreamt about your smile and those pretty white teeth that you have. You really turn me on, you make me feel like a sexy girl. I feel so full of joy every time I see your face all I want to do is kiss you all I want to do is hold you and touch you. You make me feel like laying on the beach with an ice cold glass of lemonade making love in the shade. All I ever think about is you-you’re my one, and only, I hope you feel that way of me too. I cry when I can’t talk to you. I know your schedule is so busy, and you can’t always get to me but when you do you make me feel like a million dollars. I’m so in love with you how gentle you are with me your spirit it’s fantastic you are the light in my dreams. When the world is crazy you are there for me you’re Mr. Wonderful. I can’t get enough of your loving touch I can’t get enough of your lips kissing my skin I cannot get enough of your Joy you turn me on in every way. And when we make love, you do something to me that takes my body out of the earth and puts me somewhere else. Maybe you take me to Venus but I know you clearly take me away from here I don’t see how you touch my body and do what you do…

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