Doesn’t That Diaper Feel Good

fetish phone sexI see you as you keep scrolling back to this picture. The diapers and my hand around a wet cock is making you feel all tingly inside. You want me to put you in diapers too, don’t you? Let me give you some background on this so you can get even more excited. I have a client, a married client. His wife is pretty vanilla, and the sex is boring. He comes to me twice a month so mommy Noreen can take good care of him. He rings the bell and I have a warm bubble bath waiting on him. I undress him and he gets in. I wash every inch of his body with my hands. Then he stands up and I wrap him in a towel and lead him to the crib. He lays back as I pat him dry and put baby lotion all over his body. Then I grab his feet and lift his bottom as I slide the diaper underneath him. I then rub on his cock until he is nice and wet and so so close to shooting his load. With pre-cum dripping, I fasten the diaper and rub his dick through it until he squirts his warm load inside. I then lay down and move his cum filled diaper ass up to my chest and have him latch on to my tits and breast feeds. I bet you would like to wear diapers and breast feed too, wouldn’t you?

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