Do You Want Me To Cum?

Anal Phone Sex

You said you wanted me no strings attached, and baby that’s fine with me. Don’t even speak when you come into the hotel room. I’ll be on the bed, stroking my ten inch girl cock, and waiting for you to come have your way with me. I can see the starvation in your eyes; your mouth is watering, desperately hungry for my thick cock. I know you want my fire, want every last drop of me to fill you. You need the way only I seem to stretch you out. Strip, and slide my monster cock in your mouth. Lick, and suck, and make me moan; my hand tangled in your hair, on the back of your head, forcing it down my length. I can’t handle that for too long, you’re too desperate.

Climb up on top of me, yes. Line that tight little fuck hole up with the tip of my throbbing cock, and grease up before you slide down my bitchmeat. Bounce, boy. Fuck yourself on my cock, while I lay there playing with my tiddies, and watching you use yourself like the toy you are. Do you want me to cum?

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