Do You Need a Doctor?

enema phone sex

I have a new job as a medical assistant, and I can’t help but be naughty. Seeing all those bare asses and bald shaved pussies makes me want to take advantage of having enema phone sex. I love seeing people at vulnerable stages of undress and having access to their genitals.

There’s one woman who came in for an OB/GYN appointment and she was so fucking sexy…she had blonde hair and a nice tight pussy that was just begging to be fucked. She spread her legs, and I stuck two fingers inside her under dress. She was so fucking wet; I knew she was down to fuck. She moaned while my fingers explored her insides.

I shoved a third finger in and used my thumb to massage her clit. She was purring like a kitten while I finger fucked her and when I went in for a taste, that’s when she really lost it. I had to put my hand over her mouth to keep her excited cries muffled as I licked at her; she tasted as sweet as I’d imagined! I wound up giving her an enema just so I could have easy access to her ass as well and she chomped at the bit to have me play with her backdoor.

I used my finger and tongue to relax her starfish and slide the nozzle in her ass, using the long enema tube as an extension of myself, an honorary dick for which to fuck her. I thrusted the tube in and out of her while she moaned, eventually turning on the water pressure to soak her insides. She came so hard on the exam chair.

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