Diaper Bitch

Diaper phone sex“Squat down and shit in that diaper you sissy bitch!” “Okay Madam Echo.” His filthy ass was so disgusting. I love humiliating my little sissy faggot. We met about a year ago and at gay club downtown LA and it was love at first sight. They were having a lingerie party and he was the hottest sissy there. He wore a lace red robe with a red g-string that showed off his tight white ass. His muscles were oiled down and sculpted to perfection. I’ve always been into white guys, and he was the perfect type. Reminded me of a Ken doll. I was set on taking him home with me and I got exactly what I wanted. He had a diaper fetish, and I was more than happy to scratch the itch for him. While he would be shitting in his diaper, I was face fucking him with my strap on. “Suck this fucking cock sissy. Make momma happy.” My little bitch love wearing all kinds of diapers. Luvs, Huggies, pampers, pull ups. You name it. After he was done shitting in his diaper, I made him take it off and turn around so I can use his shit as lube to fuck his tight white boy pussy. “Bend over punk.” I forced my strap on deep in his cock pounding his right white ass. “Oh yes Madam Echo! Fuck me please!” “Beat that fucking cock while I fuck this asshole.” He jerked his cock hard cumming all over the floor. “Good sissy!!”


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