Daddy’s Little Girl

Daddy's little girl
Daddy’s little girl phone sex I will do anything for her daddy. Daddy wants me to get down on my knees opening my mouth up wide and wants me to suck on the head of his cock like a pacifier oh I’m daddy’s little girl and I’ll definitely do it for him daddy said don’t tell mommy. Mommy said don’t tell daddy I’m so, loved in this house. Daddy likes to open my legs up and put his head down there and say the alphabet. It’s our fun little game daddy always makes me feel good and then takes me for ice cream. Once daddy went ahead and put a little more pressure than I was used to on my private area. I started to bleed a little bit but he said I was OK and he kept going. When he was all done he stood up and sprayed this white stuff all over me. Daddy said it was OK and then took me to the shower and cleaned me up really well. He knows I like when he puts his fingers inside of me. As he was cleaning me he was making real good. I’ll always be daddy’s little girl I do whatever daddy wants me to

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