Daddy Tried To Tell Me No

fantasy phone sex

I can be a little pouty bitch if I don’t get my way and when he told me that he was going on a weekend trip with his wife I was pissed. Mostly because he had promised me that we would be going to their beach condo. Not one to sit back and take things in stride I did what any mad girl would do. I booked a flight on his black card and headed down to the beach. The staff knows me and was more than accommodating when I told them I had locked myself out. So, they handed me a key and then I sat in wait. Almost like stalking prey. I also purchased a spa day and some flowers, also on his card, and had them delivered to his wife. I waited a little while longer until she had gotten into the uber to go to the spa. Then I took the elevator up to the condo and let myself in. I heard the shower running as I undressed and put on his shirt. You can imagine his surprise when he came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. He wanted to be mad but when I got on my knees and started worshipping his cock, he forgot all about that. We spent the entire day fucking in their bed. I even left my panties under her pillow for her to find.

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