Daddy Likes It Dirty

Fantasy Phone SexI received a delivery from one of my favorite “daddy’s”, it contained a key to a five star, a credit card and a note to be there Friday at 4. I purchased some pretty clothes and shoes and of course naughty lingerie, and I also stopped at the salon to get that complete wax job that he also likes. I got ready and went to the hotel so that I would be there at 4. He was not there yet but the room was full of roses and new clothes and all the special treats I like. There was one box laying on the bed and as I opened it, I saw an awesome dominatrix outfit, complete with a whip. My bald pussy got a little damp when I started putting it on. I was ready for him when he walked in and immediately told him to undress and get ready to play. I made him lay on the bed while I whipped his bare ass until it was nice and pink. I then told him to get up and come to me, crawling on his knees. Of course, he did as I asked, and I could see he already had an erection. My outfit was crotchless and I guided him between my legs, and he proceeded to please me. He takes his time down there, slowly building me up. I love how he teases me before bringing me to an incredible orgasm. We had an incredible weekend and he treated me as the princess I am. Of course, I always take care of “daddy”, satisfying him with every hole in my body, draining his balls all weekend long. I bet you would like a slut like me too, wouldn’t you?

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