Daddy Issues

hot phonesex

I love being a hot sexy fucking bitch who loves to get fucked all the fucking time. I used to be daddy’s little princess when I was younger. He loved to come in my room while mommy was away and tough all over my little body. I never wanted to disobey daddy and that’s why I am such a good girl now. Well as good as I can be, whoring around is just what daddy taught me to do. That’s why I told you to come over. I’m missing daddy a little too much and you are just the perfect person to help fill every hole I need filled. You already knew that I would be on the floor with my mouth wide open waiting for you to fill it. You walked in with you cock hard as fuck and my mouth was already watering, you walked up to me and I shoved your cock into my mouth hungerly. I sucked your cock so fucking good and made sure it is soaking fucking wet just like my pussy. You pulled me up and bent me over just like you know I like, shoving me with my fat ass up in the air. You shoved your hard cock in and out of my soaking fucking wet hard and fucking fast until you cum inside me filling me up just like daddy used to.

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