Cum On My Feet Ho

Fetish Phone SexI like cock believe me, but, I also love a good tight pussy but I mean who doesn’t? I always find these eager little sluts wanting to please in exchange for some nose candy or a hot fuck. Stupid cunts. I love having my feet worshipped by a sexy slut who knows how to please or at least listen. I love getting naked and showing off my bald pussy, I am much more superior than this slut. I make her kiss my feet and get on her knees naked licking and kissing my feet, I love finger banging my cunt while she sucks on toes it feels amazing. I even have the dumb bitch fuck her self with my big toe and when she creams on it make her lick it off. The whore loves rubbing my bottoms of my feet on her snatch with my toes tickling her bean and making it super hard. I won’t allow her another orgasm, she doesn’t deserve it.

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