Cum Covered Cover Girl

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My phone sex hotline is so popular that I got featured in “Cum Lovers” magazine, they even put my cum splattered face on the cover!  I always knew that my boy toys loved coating my money maker with their sweet, sticky spunk, but I never thought that my pole pleasing exploits would make me so popular that a national publication would want to do a piece on little ol’ me!

Apparently the word got out that I give all of my guys the undivided, semen sucking attention they crave.  It doesn’t matter to me if they’re a lonely, cheating husband looking to find a little flare in his life or a single man about town who just loves lustful ladies, I make each one of them feel like they’re the last man on earth and let them blow their hot loads wherever they want.

That’s why the editors reached out to offer me the cover.  They called it an in depth think piece on a charming woman who wants nothing more than to make her men’s meat sticks shoot their slimy sauce all over and inside of her.  They didn’t have to twist my arm, I was really excited at the thought of being a cum covered cover girl!

The article was great, but the pictures were absolutely amazing and it’s a great advertisement for my phone sex hotline!  Hopefully, by the time you’re done jerking off to it, you’ll ponder on who the cum lover really is: the girl gulping down gobs of goo, the guy giving it to her, or you, the reader.  They weren’t kidding, it really is a think piece.


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