Crossing into his Arms


Little girl phone sex

My cousin works at the border and he is having the time of his life right now. You see my cousin is the family pedi-lover and I ain’t talking about pedicures he’s much more than that. He does have dirty feet though stinky nasty trifling fucking mud covered feet. My cousin says that’s why he likes dirty mud-covered tired worn out women that are coming across the border he says they’re desperate and they will do anything to not get deported. My cousin he’s a real fuck up if you know what I mean he doesn’t have any morals so right now with what’s going on he’s really having a lot of fun. He told me the other night they took some little sweet bun tottie’s to a special location to do some strange things to them. My cousin is so sadistic he is the worst of the worst so believe me he did everything he wanted to. He told me no one was accounting for them and no one was paying attention so he could have so much fun and no one was going to punish him. My cousin tell me every wretched disgusting detail he didn’t leave anything out and it was intense to say the least.

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