Come Here Daddy

fantasy phone sexHe sent me a cryptic text. Just some random numbers but I knew what daddy wanted and this sugar baby was not going to let him down. I picked out a hot sexy dress to wear as he always takes me to the finest restaurants and loves to show me off to his friends. He likes me to look classy in public, but he loves the freak I am in private. I checked in to the hotel and went up to change. I ordered us some room service and started to get ready. He was running late, one of those pesky rude clients of his needed his attention. I could tell he was highly worked up and we had already missed dinner. I told him not to worry I would make him feel so much better tonight. I heard the door beep and as he walked in, I was laying on the bed, still dressed in my sexy dress, thigh highs and heels. I looked at him and smiled. He walked towards me, sat on the bed and wrapped me in his arms. I kissed his face and made my way down his neck, chest, hip bones and then pulled his pants and boxers off. I kissed his thighs and sucked his balls and then spit on the head of his dick and deep throated him. Want to hear what else I did to daddy that night? Or would you like to be my daddy and tell me all the things you want me to do to you?

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