Coked out whores

Hot PhonesexMy younger sister and her equally slutty friend have been begging to party with me and have hot phonesex all night long. They wanna get fucked up and be used like the naughty little cum dump rag dolls that they are. I called up my dealer and told him to come over to my house because I had two very special little cunts that need to be turned out! Thankfully my dealer always hooks it up and pretty much brought over a fuckin kilo for us to chow down on, hehe. He was so happy to see his special surprise, a couple of young skanks that looked like total fresh meat for him to dig his teeth into. We racked up a bunch of lines of blow for all of us to enjoy and boy did we ever! It was so fun and funny to watch my sister and her friend get coked up out of their minds! Those little bitches became so fuckin horny, they couldn’t keep their hands off of one another and neither could I! They were literally begging for more coke so I lined it up on my dealer’s dick and had them snort it off! I pushed their heads back down on to his shaft and told them to give him a sloppy wet tongue bath. They cleaned him up of all the coke crumbs that were lingering on his horny penis. I was laughing while they choked on his coke-covered cock and tears streamed down their eyes. Those little skanks better be careful what they wish for, partying with me is no joke! 😉

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