Changing My Diaper Cutie’s Stinky Diaper

Diaper Phone Sex


My little diaper cutie has such a stinky, full diaper. It’s time for you to get changed. Get on the diaper changing table so I can get you all clean, pumpkin. Now, lift up your butt so I can get your dirty diaper off of you. I’m going to undo the straps on the side and remove it from your butt. Oh, my. You really were a stinky diaper cutie. Now it’s time for me to wipe you. Let me get the wipes and clean you from front to back, getting all the poop off of your bottom. I’ll even get another wipe to clean your penis completely. Now that my honey pie is all cleaned up, time to use some diaper cream on you. You only need a little bit on your diaper area. Now it’s time to get you a nice clean diaper? Now choose the one that you want, honey. Do you want your Sesame Street diapers today? Okay, great! Let’s get those on you now gently, putting the straps tight on your bottom. Now, it’s time to throw that stinky, dirty diaper away in the trash. Now, you’re all done, sugar! 

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