Caught you stroking

Bald shaved pussyYou didn’t realize that I was gonna be home so early from shopping with my friends, and it’s evident! When I walked into my bedroom to find you jerking your cock into my laundry hamper full of dirty panties, I just knew that you didn’t expect me to barge in and catch you red handed! The look on your face was priceless! I always suspected something was going on while I wasn’t home, my panties have been mysteriously diappearing little by little and I noticed that they were way more filled with crusted bodily fluids than how I had originally left them in the hamper. You sure do have a whole bunch of cum that you seem to enjoy dumping into my sexy undergarments! No worries though, it turns me on just as much! Let me get out my camera phone and film you so that I can show all of my girlfriends and laugh at you with them! Once we’re done laughing you can shove your dick in my mouth and i’ll clean you up after you explode lots of loads all up in my already dirty panties.

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