Can You Satisfy Me?

fantasy phone sexHey daddy? Think you can keep up with a slutty whore like me? A hot piece of arm candy for you to impress your friends with but can you satisfy me? Can you take care of my soaking wet pussy without the help of that marvelous little blue pill? My insatiable appetite for sex? My constant desire to be used? Do you really have that in your love? I mean you are getting some grey hair, although I do find that sexy.
So, let’s go to dinner so you can show me off. I will put on my charm and hang on your every word. I will hold your hand and wrap my arm in yours as we make our way through the crowd. We will sit at the table and drink the best wine and I will rub your cock under the linen cloth. I see you starting to get hard, always a good sign. I rub faster and harder, your words become breathy. I smile, kiss your cheek and say it is time. I take your hand and lead you to the elevator to our room. I want to fuck you right here in the elevator, but you resist. We go to our room, and I slip out of my dress and remove your clothing. Your cock is raging and large. Now let’s see if you can satisfy me.

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