Breed that sissy Bitch!



Impregnation phone sex


Sissy Gets Bred

I know when you think of Impregnation phone sex you think of a pretty little slut like me on my back getting a juicy little cream pie. Of course, I love that, but today I am going to breed my little sissy. 

I have a very special strap-on toy meant for just this kind of play. It shoots out loads of cum when I press on it a certain way. Now, they give you this fake cum for dramatic effect and that would be fine if I was not going to breed you. No, I have invited over my friend. He is quite a man. 6’5 dark brown skin and just a bull. I get down on my knees while you watch and pull out his massive dick. Using my mouth as yours waters. I spit his cum straight into that little toy and you know exactly what is about to happen. That little pussy of yours twitches with anticipation. I am going to make you a good little girl.

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