Blind Date Night

Orgy Fantasies

One of the best sexual experiences I’ve ever had was when I managed to get seven guys to all come over to my place. They all thought they were going to take me on a date separately but when each one came I invited them in for something far more special. I got them all hard and let them play with my tits and ass, finally the last guy came and it was show time. All their cocks surrounded me and I told them I wanted a bukkake. You should have seen all their faces! They were all somehow surprised after all the hints. I dropped to my knees and each one of them took a turn fucking my face, grabbing my hair tightly to guide my throat onto their shafts. Finally the big moment came, it was like fire works! They each shot a healthy sized load onto my tits and face, afterward I asked them to take a polaroid so I could remember such a special moment.


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