Anal Sex Fiend

It’ItAnal phone sex

It’s no secret that I like to fuck back and get fucked. I can be your dominant ass bitch or your soft spoken slutty as Sub. What ever you prefer I will make sure you are satisfied and happy at the end. I try to always make my customers feel happy. I  remember a couple of years back while I was pregnant. A John I had by the name of Jim decided he wanted to play 50 shades of grey. I love to be whipped and chained up during sex and being the pregnant whore at the time. That did not even matter I was all game to play his sick twisted ass games. I knew he wanted to be more kinkier than wack ass 50 shades of Grey. I knew from experience that he wanted  to tie me up and beat the living shit out of me while shoving his long white cock into my mouth every 5 smacks to the face he would give me. He almost always started our kinky little fuck sessions of beat the nigger bitch with fucking me in the ass. He did not be gentle either. He always shoved his cock into my ass with no lube. He would fuck my ass until I bleed. I like Jim though. He always knows how to put my black ass in my place. I submit to him as a good bitch that I am and I am well rewarded afterwards. He makes sure my pockets stay fat!


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