Anal Paradise

anal phone sex

To put it quite simply – I love butt fucking. That’s why anal phone sex is always going to be a huge favorite of mine. There’s just something so sensual and forbidden about getting my ass fucked. It feels so much rawer and more primal than it does when my pussy is being pounded. Let me reach back and spread my ass cheeks apart for you so you can slide your cock in deeper. I want you to be so deep inside me that your balls slap up against my pussy while you fuck my naughty little shitter. Will you do that for me?

But hey, I’m not selfish. I know that there are guys out there who would love nothing more than for me to strap one on and fuck them hard. I love giving guys the same pleasure they give me when they fuck my ass. If you’re curious about anal play, now’s a great time to call me and see what it’s all about. Having your ass fucked will feel SO good when I start hitting that prostate. Just trust me and let me show you what real pleasure feels like.

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