A Torrid Affair

Mistress phone sex


I want you every day I have such a strong desire for you, and ever since the first time I saw you, I couldn’t stop myself. I want you to be my everything I want you to be the love of my life I want you to be my friend I want you to be the person I tell my secrets to that’s what I want from you. When you look in my eyes, you destroy me because you are so captivating you take over you remove all of my doubts and frustration. When We Touch, it controls me it controls me completely. I need you I know that you don’t understand this, but you need to hear it. I would give you everything I would provide you whatever you asked of me. I want for you to leave your wife. I need you to understand that she doesn’t love you; she slept with my husband. You know she doesn’t care about you, and she thinks fat you and I are so stupid. She’s been sleeping with my husband for three years now, and we’ve only in making love for the past three months. The only reason why you and I started to do what we were doing is because we found out about what they were doing. You are such a good man, and I am such a good woman; it doesn’t make any sense that we a sneaking around feeling guilty. I love you I will not take that back, and maybe I should have been sleeping with you a long time ago, but I was trying to keep my marriage, and the right place and I’m sure that you were doing the same. Your body has become a need for me when you touch me I pulsate I fibrate I Lose Myself. I want to be with you forever.

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