A Perfect Paradise For A Phone Pervert


This is the perfect place for a sick fuck like you and me, well I don’t think you are sick but society sure does. I love men who aren’t afraid of a little bitch that is rough around the edges or knows exactly how to give you what you desire. I am no vanilla twist here, but, I don’t want to scare those shy ones either. Don’t worry I will go easy on you, I am the type that loves men who wear panties and get tied up. Forcing their cock to be hard the entire time poking up through the top. I will make you suck on my toy as if it is my own fat, plump dick all the while sucking on yours. I want to suck balls deep and hear you moan so fucking loud the neighbors will hear, I want to bring you right to that edge stop and shove a toy deep up your ass with your panties pushed to the side. I think I hear the wife’s car, shall I leave you here all tied up with a gaping asshole or should I set you free. Ha pathetic, you should hear me laugh. Come play with me!

Phone Perverts Paradise

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