A Good One

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I want you to know that you are a fucking bitch you’re terrible and I think you know it, but you don’t care. You are a disgusting piece of shit, and you like that about yourself. You love to beat on women for nothing, but you will not ever touch a guy that’s because you’re not strong you’re weak. I’m done with being kind to you now I’ve got to show you the error of your ways. I’ve got to let you know how much I hate the way that you are so I’m going to do that and I want you to pay attention pay close attention, you fucking psychopath. I don’t need you anymore I’ve got someone new someone who values a woman of my caliber. I give him the best head that you could ever imagine, and I don’t even have thoughts of biting his dick off. I enjoy when he touches me because he makes love to me he spends time on my body, making it feel like it’s precious. You never knew how to make a body feel precious; you only know how to make a mother fucker feel like hurling when you touch them. You slept with my sister and my mother you fulfilled your fucked up rape fantasies with my family. I tried everything to please you, but there just is no pleasing you, your unpleasable. Now that this new guy is making me feel like a woman, I know you’re missing me that attention that I used to give you when I tried to fix you. Now I’m not trying anything anymore. I needed a guy like the man that I have right now. I adore him, and he loves me. He buys me flowers; he takes me out; he does everything that you don’t do. My new man told me to leave you he told me that he was ready to be a complete replacement and you know what I’m going to let him.

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