A Christmas Cage For A Sissy Cuck

fetish phone sexFor Christmas I love to take care of all my little fetish freaks. As I was looking online for some perfect presents, I ran across a site dedicated to sissy cuck boys, one of my favorite fetishes. Anyways I found the perfect cage. Shiny and bright with a nice little lock so only I could hold the key. I quickly hit the “buy now” button and waited for it to arrive. When it got here and I opened it I was thrilled. I called that little cuck and told him to get over here ASAP. He must have broken the speed limits because he was soon ringing my bell. I let him in and as always, he had some sweet pink panties under his jeans. Always the good little sissy. I handed him the bag with his present and as he opened it his little eyes danced with excitement. I laughed as I saw him start to perk up in those panties. Then as I started putting it on him, I got a great idea. I shut that lock and put that key around my necklace and told him we were going to do a photo shoot. I brought out some Christmas decorations, decorated him with a ribbon and an ornament. I marveled at my work and knew this was too good not to utilize. So together we went to the computer and created a Christmas and New Year’s card featuring his new cage and decorations. He was thrilled and little lines of cum came from the hole. I printed them out and started addressing them to all his friends. Do you like the finished project?

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