No limits phone sex freak

no limits phone sex

I’m a no limits phone sex freak who craves cock and cum. I will do whatever it takes to make your hard cock shoot loads of hot cream for me. At a very young age, I became a cum slut. I was pimped out to support my Daddy’s habit. I became a little cum dumpster and was traded to all of the crack dealers around town. It wasn’t long before Daddy started making me smoke with him so that I would keep fucking and sucking to get him his fix. I’ve been a wild and freaky party slut since then. Every night I get fucked up and do whatever I can to make sure I get a hard cock to cum for me. It isn’t hard to find some random guy willing to throw me a little cash or some dope to bounce on his dick. Guys love a tight young slut willing to make them cum for a little bit of nothing. My callers know that I’m a kinky whore. They love to listen to me rub my clittie and tell them about my dirty and nasty sexual experiences.


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