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I love our Dirty Games

Kinky phone sexI love it when we play our little games. Like the one where we time how many times I can make your dick explode in a matter of ten minutes. I do whatever and I mean whatever I can to make that big thick fat dick stand at attention. We measure how much of your sexy sperm flew out of your dick hole. I love to take cum shots and let your watch it slide right down my throat. you love it when I get real nasty with you. Begging you to let me be your cum slut and a dirty whore only for you. You know when I am about to get very naughty, you will hear it in my voice. Then you will say, “Oh there is my dirty girl coming out to play with her dirty dirty man. I cannot get enough of all the fun and dirty times we share and have together. I know for sure there will be so much more to come.

Watch Me Turn You On

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I love my soft smooth body so much that if I could clone myself I would fuck myself the moment our eyes met. Sadly that will be a fantasy that won’t be coming true. There is one thing that will make my warm, tight pussy cream up in a heartbeat. If you could watch me from the back of the room with your hard dick out. I want you to see me feeling on my soft, smooth body. I will not be able to see you watching me but I will know you are there. While I am rubbing all over my hot and horny body, I will be picturing you watching me intensely. The hornier you see me get the more your cock will grow. You love it how I take one of my perky soft titties up to my mouth, don’t you? You almost shot a big load all yourself when you saw me put my nipple in my mouth making it so hard and wet. Then opening my legs up wide, letting you see this wet pretty pussy of mine. It was amazing that you could see my wet pussy juice dripping down to my asshole from the back of the room. You couldn’t take any more of my teasing fun when you saw me scoop my sweet yummy juices off my tight hole. Licking and sucking my horny juices made you get up and experience the real thing for yourself. The feeling of our bodies pounding together is orgasmic and I love every second of the hot, wet and naughty time we have together.

Discreet Mutual Masturbation With Roommate Dan

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A couple of years ago I had a roommate by the name of Dan. Dan was so fucking sexy, my pussy was always dripping for him. Dan had a girlfriend who he was very committed to and I respected that. It made Dan appear sexier to me, the fact he could be living with a woman as naughty and sexy as I am and still stay committed said a lot about him. Like I said though, I am naughty and I can’t help that there is a slut demon living inside of my soul. So I won’t lie and tell you I did not try to discreetly temp Dan to spread my ass and pussy wide open and make me his personal cum slut for the day. I tried many different naughty, slutty things. Then it happened, without trying to provoke Dan to make me his cum slut, we finally engaged in something naughty. Unknown mutual masturbation is what my sexy roommate Dan and I did for the next two years. I was in the bath soaking my body. The bath water was so warm and relaxing. I was rubbing on my soft titties, I was loving the way my tits were floating in the water only exposing my hard nipples. Then my clit started tingling, telling me to rub on her. I submit to my pussy so of course I started gently playing with her. The bigger my clit started to swell with pleasure, the louder my moans started to get. Ten minutes into my pleasuring session in the bath, I heard the bathroom door slightly creek open, then I heard soft moans coming from behind the door. I already knew who those sexy moans were coming from. I had to hold my mouth from my exploding orgasm. The moment I heard Dan rubbing his sexy fucking cock while listening and watching me touch my pretty pooched up pussy, I couldn’t help but squirt my warm juices right in my bath water. I did not want to stop though, I wanted to know Dan caught the same type of explosion that I did. I started touching my pussy again, the louder I got, the louder Dan was. Five more minutes was all we needed and Dan’s cock started shooting cream all over. I think we both knew what was going on but the sexy part about it was, we never said a thing to each other. I took a bath every other day just so I could hear Dan on the other side of the door.

Party Girl Going Wild

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Party girl who loves going buck wild. Yea that is me. I love going to a club or even a house party. Getting loaded on all of the hardcore liquor, snorting and smoking my ass off, to top all of that off I will pop a little X to really get my pretty pussy popping. I love the nights I get to let loose all while I am getting fucked up in more ways than one. I had one crazy time a couple of months ago. I was drinking with some men at a wild party, once we were fucked up to the point of no return we went behind the house. It was me with five, big muscle men. We all knew what was going to happen. I would be on my knees with all five big thick cocks just inches from my face. Begging them to give me as much cream as they shoot out. I was a cum slut whore that night and loved every fucking moment of it.

Glory Hole Cum Fun

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The Cum Slut spa is what I like to call it. You probably know it as a Glory Hole. There is one place I go to when I want to get real freaky and cover myself in a strangers cum. See this is no bathroom stall. This Cum Slut spa has its own private room. When you walk in Cum is already on the floor. The hole in the wall is so big multiple cocks can fit through. This means I can get my face plastered by more than just one juicy thick cock. I bring my oil with me when I go, I rub the oil on three sometimes even five cocks at a time. I reach my hand through the hole letting those thick meat men know I am ready for a good cum tasting time. They know me very well and are always excited when I come in. Once I rub the oil into their sexy dicks I lick and kiss all my precious pets. These men love when I rub there cocks together, stuff them all into my mouth, begging them for my sweet creamy treats. I won’t leave until my entire naked body is covered with warm sticky goodness. I moan so loud, telling each one of my sweet men thankyou, every time they splatter me with their magic potion. There are other girls usually waiting for their turn, I am such a kinky slut for cum I will invite them in the room with me so we can enjoy the slimy man juice together. I love rubbing my body against a sexy woman, gliding on top of her, knowing cum is helping our bodies glide with ease.

Kinky, Naughty, Massage Fun

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I love getting a massaged by a man with strong, big hands after a long day. There is one special man in my life who knows how to massage my sexy petite body very well. He makes sure he doesn’t miss any spots. He uses a little ball and warm oil, it always feels so good. When he is done with my feet, he will put more warm oil on his hands and start massaging up my legs. He starts talking real sexy to me, telling me how I look better and better every time he sees me. He starts to creep up my thighs with his fingertips. I can tell you, the first time he did this and I could feel his strong hands on my inner thighs rubbing his way up to my anxious pussy. His hands rubbing next to my plump pussy was almost enough to make me have an extreme orgasm right on the massage table. This time my massage session went a step further. He lightly started rubbing the slit of my purring kitty. As soon as he stuck his fingers inside of my lips his fingers were filled with my weeping pussy juices. I turned around looking back at him. When I looked back, his cock was rock hard in his pants. He told me to turn around and lay flat on my back. He took his pants off, his cock was standing at attention, telling me he was ready to go to war with my pussy. He shoved his cock in my mouth, while my mouth was full of hard cock he started massaging my breasts. Pinching my nipples. With every pinch came his pre-cum shooting to the back of my throat. At the end of the session, his hard throbbing cock was massaging the inside of my pussy walls. My Kinky masseuse had me leaving with a pussy full of cum. I have an appointment next week. I will need another massage from this nasty kinky man.

Let Your Freak Fly High

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If you know me then you know I like it rough and dirty. You do not need to feel ashamed by the little dirty devil inside of you. Trust me, everyone has one. Some are just afraid to bring that side out, fearing how other people will see them. I love when a man can let it all out, I want to hear how good this tight pussy feels on your hard throbbing dick. Scream to me how much you want to stick your tongue up inside of me, cleaning up my entire asshole. If you are a real freak like me, I will tell you to turn around and bend over. You will not be the only one sucking an asshole. Cleaning it from the inside out. I love a mans balls being plopped down right on my face, so be my guest and squat down. I want to see those balls plopping down on my pretty face. I will stick my tongue out for you real good. So yes I am a nasty, freaky, sexy slut. What I just told you isn’t even half of the freaky things I like to do. I guess you can see the rest for yourself. Just remember, when you do, No Holding Back.

From One Night Stand To Number One Dirty Man

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I bumped into what I thought was one of my one night stands the other day, he likes to get real nasty and naughty. We met a couple of months ago and hit it off instantly. He told me when we first met that he knew I was a nasty naughty cum slut whore. I love finding a dirty man who can and will turn me into a naughty Cum guzzling slut. When we saw each other a couple of days ago I soon found out he is still the same nasty and naughty man. He may have gotten even naughtier in the last couple of months. As soon as we saw each other we knew what the rest of our day was going to be like. Without saying a word, he booked a hotel room. When we arrived at the hotel, it was like we were reading each other’s mind. He did not hold back with me, his nasty, dirty and freaky side really came out. I begged for his cock and cum. I wanted him to fill up every inch of my holes. He stuffed his heavy thick cock right now my throat and told me to suck it like the fucking dirty whore I am. Golden shower anyone? Yes! This man does it all and I love every dirty, freaky thing about him. We had non stop dirty, naughty and nasty sex. I left the hotel later that evening with a raw throat and a throbbing ass and pussy. I can’t wait to see him again! Instead of a one night stand, he turned into my number one Dirty Man.

My Slut Cunt Wasn’t Made For Love Making

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My pussy wasn’t made for lovemaking. No, I do not like it nice and slow. I need a hard, meaty dick, I want to see your veins popping out of your ready cock, plowing in and out of my slippery wet pussy. I love finding a man who can give me long hard strokes with his thick man meat. I get disappointed when a man can’t’ handle how good my wet, dripping warm pussy feels. The ones that end up cumming to quick because it feels so good to them, or the ones who have to stop midway, trying to stop themselves from cumming deep inside my sweet kitty. I know a man is a keeper when he can outlast me. I want to be the one who is out of breath, trying my best to hold on and take everything he is offering. If you can fuck me until I am sweating and numb from your cock deeply penetrating my begging kitty, making me moan and scream heavily. I will put you in my King Dick book. Only the best Dicks are entered into my book. King cock will forever be something I bow down to. I respect and cherish a man who knows what he is doing with his good wood.

He Wanted A Freak Like Me

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A shy virgin boy approached me at the grocery store while I was leaving. he told me he loves when I come in, it makes his time at work all the better. He seemed so innocent and shy. I could tell it was taking all if the courage he had in him to approach me. He gave me his number and asked me to give him a call. He wanted to ask me a favor and he made sure to tell me money would be involved. He was getting off in a couple of hours and asked me if I was free to give him a call then. He looked so cute and desperate I agreed to call him. When I called I could hear in his voice he was very nervous again. I told him to spit it out and he did. He told me he wanted me to take his virginity. It would be a dream come true for a hot sexy woman like myself to take his virginity. He wants me to do things to him, that his virgin mind would not be able to even think of yet. He also said I can do whatever I want with him. I told him I would call him back. I have to think things through. I think I am going to do it. There is something about taking advantage of a little virgin boy that really turns me on.

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