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My Slut Cunt Wasn’t Made For Love Making

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My pussy wasn’t made for lovemaking. No, I do not like it nice and slow. I need a hard, meaty dick, I want to see your veins popping out of your ready cock, plowing in and out of my slippery wet pussy. I love finding a man who can give me long hard strokes with his thick man meat. I get disappointed when a man can’t’ handle how good my wet, dripping warm pussy feels. The ones that end up cumming to quick because it feels so good to them, or the ones who have to stop midway, trying to stop themselves from cumming deep inside my sweet kitty. I know a man is a keeper when he can outlast me. I want to be the one who is out of breath, trying my best to hold on and take everything he is offering. If you can fuck me until I am sweating and numb from your cock deeply penetrating my begging kitty, making me moan and scream heavily. I will put you in my King Dick book. Only the best Dicks are entered into my book. King cock will forever be something I bow down to. I respect and cherish a man who knows what he is doing with his good wood.

He Wanted A Freak Like Me

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A shy virgin boy approached me at the grocery store while I was leaving. he told me he loves when I come in, it makes his time at work all the better. He seemed so innocent and shy. I could tell it was taking all if the courage he had in him to approach me. He gave me his number and asked me to give him a call. He wanted to ask me a favor and he made sure to tell me money would be involved. He was getting off in a couple of hours and asked me if I was free to give him a call then. He looked so cute and desperate I agreed to call him. When I called I could hear in his voice he was very nervous again. I told him to spit it out and he did. He told me he wanted me to take his virginity. It would be a dream come true for a hot sexy woman like myself to take his virginity. He wants me to do things to him, that his virgin mind would not be able to even think of yet. He also said I can do whatever I want with him. I told him I would call him back. I have to think things through. I think I am going to do it. There is something about taking advantage of a little virgin boy that really turns me on.

Pervert In The Corner

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I had the sexiest dream last night and I knew I had to share it with you. The dream started off with me in the shower. It was late at night, I was getting ready to go to bed. When I got out of the shower I dried myself off, grabbed my bottle of lotion and walked over to my bed. I sat down, taking the towel off of my mostly dry body. I started rubbing the lotion on my feet, then my legs and up to my thighs. I must have been really turned on by this because once I got high enough on my thigh and could feel my smooth tight pussy lips, I felt nothing but wetness. I started to rub the lotion on my pretty soft pussy, laying back a little with my back arched. Then my dream switches scenes and I can see a man in the corner of my dark room watching me. He is kneeled down in the dark corner, watching me while I am rubbing myself. His cock is out of his pants and he is stroking it real good.

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He is whispering things to me while he is watching me. Telling me how I have grown up so much since I was a little girl and how I still moan the same when I am rubbing on my puffed up clit. He has been watching me for years. Then my dream switches scenes one last time and I am back to rubbing my soaking pussy. This time I know the man is watching me in the corner but I do not care. I like it, he is turning me on even more. The way he is watching my every move, his cock rock hard in his hand. I can tell he is trying not to cum all over the place, and he is being as quiet as he possibly can be. I get up and turn around on my knees, with my head in the pillow. I want to give him a good view of my tight little ass and soft wet pussy. I start fingering my pussy and use my thumb to rub my clit, making myself wetter and wetter. I was so wet you could hear my fingers pushing my wetness around in my tight hole. At that point it was too much for him, the man in the corner let out a huge moan, his cum flying all over the room. That is when I woke up, the crazy part about it was when I woke up my pussy was just as wet as it was in the dream. I love waking up to a nice wet and horny pussy. It always gets my day started off right. Nos I just need to find a man to help me clean up all of this wet mess.

Stretched Me Out

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I said I wanted a freak and that is exactly what I ended up with. A thick white cock stretching every hole. I didn’t think he was serious when I first met him. I was at the gym as I am most of my mornings. I saw him lifting weights and thought to myself how hot and sexy he was. We finally made eye contact and as soon as he saw me, he walked over to me and introduced himself. His name is Mark. He wrote down his number and said if I was the type of girl who likes to have fun and get wild and crazy I should give him a call. I called him once I got home later that day. He let me know that he is a real big freak who loved to give his big cock to the tiny petite woman like me. I told him I am a big freak myself and if he thinks he can give me something good I will stay around for a long time. Later that evening when I got to his place he did not waste any time. When he opened the door he gave me a glass of champagne and walked me to his room. His bed was huge, and his bathroom was amazing. When I looked in the corner of his room I saw a lot of different sex toys, I even saw sex furniture. I was very interested in trying that out. As I was looking around he got behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He took the glass of champagne that was in my hands and set it down on the nightstand. Then he put a blindfold on me, stripped me down naked got on his knees and started to suck on my pussy. Oh my god, this man knew what he was doing. When he got up I could hear him getting something next to him, he then walked me over to his bed, told me to get on my knees with my hands next to each other. I felt something cold on my wrists, and then realized he is going to handcuff me to the bed. Fuck I was so turned on at this point my pussy was dripping, making my thighs wet. He got behind me, stretched my ass out wide, and rammed his hard throbbing cock deep in me. I love when a man talks to me while fucking me hard. He was saying, “You like how this thick cock is stretching that tiny asshole out real nice don’t you?” All I could do was moan and agree. For the next hour, I got every single one of my holes stretched out. My ass and pussy are still sore from it all but it was so worth it!

Pussy Stays On Go

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My tight shaved pussy is always ready for pleasure. I have an allowance each week just for my kitty. Keeping my Kitty happy is a top priority. I am too much of a freak not to make sure my tunnel of love is always at its best. If I keep her happy then I know all the perverted horny men will come back to me. I love it when a man can’t stay away from me and my kitty. I become an obsession with these freaky men. My smooth tight pussy is a drug. You will always need a fix or a hit. The way my kitty makes you cum is like no other. The men I fuck with are freaks, I wouldn’t want it any other way, so when they know they can use my pussy as their personal launch pad and blast off deep inside of me, they make sure they always come back for more. You won’t find a nice phat pussy or freaky woman like me just anywhere. We are a dime a dozen.

My Pussy Looking For Perverts

My wet phat pussy cat is always ready to go! The one thing that can get her to purr more than anything else is a perverted man who can show my kitty some new tricks. I have a nice soft ass to grab, Great plump titties and a tight phat soaking pussy. I cannot let this gift go to waste. I am always horny, waiting for the next perverted man to find me, or sometimes I find him. I was laying in bed earlier. My brother’s friend came over, I was horny and bored so I decided teasing him would be fun.

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He is a couple of years younger than me and I am sure he would probably cum in his pants before he was able to enter into my dripping cunt. I knew he was going to come into my room any minute to get what I borrowed from my brother. I had my toys out on my bed and started rubbing my vibrator on my clit. I was already fully naked, my titties were looking amazing. I was feeling on my nipples making them nice and hard. That is exactly when he walked in. His mouth hung wide open and he made a grunting noise. I giggled a little and continued helping my pretty kitty get some release from all the built-up sexual tension she was feeling. I could tell he wanted to come closer to me but was afraid. Hmmm, maybe I need to be that perverted older woman and show him a thing or two. I love a perverted freaky man to show me new things but I think I also love being that pervert. I can find young helpless little boys who are too scared to use they’re ready to go cocks.

My Perverted Encounter

I ran into an older gentleman a couple of days ago while jogging on the trails near my home. This man was sexy and looked like he had a lot of experience under his belt when it came to sex. I took a chance on this man and damn, I am glad I did. He was working out, really seemed to be in his own world so I knew I had to get his attention. I jogged next to him, dropping my water bottle. That got his attention right away. He looked up at me and we locked eyes. He picked my water bottle up and introduced himself. I could already tell this man was a freak in the sheets and I was sure he could teach me something new. He said he had to go, he wrote down his number before he left and told me he hopes I use it soon. I am a woman of action and I knew I would be using his number later that night. Once the sun went down, I gave him a call, he picked up the phone on the first ring, I think he was hoping it was me calling him. He had a relieved sound in his voice when he heard me on the other end

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I told him I had a great time with him and I would love to hang out together again and get to know each other better. He was down with that also. I told him if he wanted to he could come to my place that night, he said yes and he was on his way. When I opened the front door for him and saw how well he cleaned himself up I knew I had to see him without any clothes on. I could just tell by the way he carried himself he had a nice big cock hiding underneath all of those clothes just waiting to meet me. We decided to watch a movie on my big comfy couch. We had small talk throughout the movie. We agreed to watch a scary movie, I think we both knew what the end results were going to be that night anyway. His hard dick meeting my wet pussy was the desired outcome of the night. By the middle of the movie, my wet warm cunt couldn’t take much more, she kept tingling, sending signals to my brain to touch this man. I started rubbing on his inner thigh when I felt his hard as a fucking rock cock laying in the inner part of his thigh. I looked up at him and he stared back down at me. Instantly, we started kissing and rubbing our bodies on each other. The sexual tension finally broke! All I can say is I need to start looking for older men who are not afraid to show my younger pussy some tricks. He put me in positions I never thought were possible. The way he got his whole hard 10-inch dick balls deep in my pussy was amazing and the way he licked my begging ass and wet shaved cunt made me cum right on his face back to back. He invited me to his place this weekend, he said he had a room solely dedicated to sex. I can’t wait to see what else my new sexy man is going to teach me.

The Freak In Me

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I am one of those sluts who are down for anything and everything. I will try anything at least once. When I try something new, most of the time I will do it again. The first time a man blasted all over my face giving me a creamy facial, rubbing and slapping his thick dick all over, I was hooked! There is nothing better than fucking with a man just as freaky as I am. I want you to really get into it. Let me know how good this tight, wet, warm pussy is against your throbbing cock. Pull my hair and call me your little fucking cum slut. Tell me how to please you and that sexy rock hard cock! The nastier it is the more your going to make my cummy pussy wet. I like to get fucked in my tight little asshole too. Feeling your hard meat stretch out my asshole will have me screaming in pleasure. If you feel like your going to explode I want you to dig that cock deep inside of me and Blastoff! I love to feel a man’s warm nut sliding back down out of my ass. I love this freaky, dirty, nasty sex, and I love learning new things.

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