Trap Queen

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Sadly, my loser boyfriend Kevin has been lacking in finding multiple thick cocks for me to fuck while he is at work. He thinks a measly 5 guys a day is enough but to me, it is a fucking bore. I already told him that I need at least 5 guys an hour to be fulfilled. You would think that he would understand just hot cock crazy I have been, I told Kevin that I have three voids that need to be constantly stuffed and fucked and leaking cum in order to be satisfied. So, I left him high and dry. Turns out Kevin is a smart cookie and tracked me down to the ghetto-est trap house in the city. I decided to become the trap house fluff! I didn’t even care about charging for my sevices at all. A dirty fucking cock obsessed druggy whore like me is glad to be the trap house cum bucket for free. Kevin found me leaking and oozing so much cum. I told him I had finally got exactly what I fucking wanted. It was only noon and I already had dozens of cocks unload their hot sticky cum in my holes. Kevin already knows how much of a size queen I am and luckily these druggie customers are well hung as fuck. These fucking cocks are bigger and thicker and better than Kevin of course! I told him I would never be with him again and I am destined to become the best druggie slut and breeder! And just to demonstrate my point, my next round of well hung gang bangers came in to show Kevin how a slut like me needs to be satisfied. They pumped my already-cum-filled holes and triple stuffed me with their cocks while I moaned and told Kevin ta-ta!

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