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Fantasy phone sex

Have you ever given yourself to a dark, ebony lady and let yourself be taken in by just how magical any Fantasy phone sex experience with professionals can be? This place is paradise, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t work to get here. Much like every single paradise of the past, we had to prove ourselves and stand above dozens of other weak hoes. I’m here to make dreams come true, and that doesn’t come free, not for me and not for you. What I paid in time and effort, training and skill, you’ll pay in cum. My sexy pussy is looking forward to that payment, as are my massive tits and my powerful black ass. I don’t really care where you cum, so long as you do and I get to enjoy it. Cum bath? I hope you’ve got a lot stored for my Phone sex addiction. Facial? Looking forward to it. Deepthroat? I’ll gulp you up like it’s my job – oh wait it is. Vaginal? You better be willing to wreck this cunt and push your hot seed as deep as you can get it. Anal? You know I’m already ready and postured to take it all. I’ll tit fuck you, I’ll even let you fuck my ass cheeks if that’s really what you’re into. Hand jobs? Only if you let me suck on that tip while I’m doing it so that the first shot before you pull away to spray my face can fill my mouth. I want to hold it open and let you see it swimming on my tongue as you unload onto my perfect Phone sex whore body. I want to see that look of awe in your eyes as you realize just how lucky you are to have chosen me. There’s no turning back, you’re mine now, and I’m yours. Let’s have way too much fun with this, I want regrets because paradise isn’t about holding back.

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