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You’ve been dreaming of touching my bald shaved pussy, haven’t you?

Just imagine if you were here for Christmas, invited over knowing I’d be sleeping in the next room. My bald shaved pussy just aching to be touched by my sister’s husband. Would you have balls enough to do it? To sneak into my room while my sister was sleeping right next to you. Placing your hand on that warm achey cunt of mine, just to feel the immense heat pulsing off of it. Hearing my soft whimpering moans as I roll over, a smile spreads across my face once I notice who has finally decided to touch me. “I saw you staring at me in my tiny little Christmas dress.” I softly say as I reach out wrapping my hand around your cock. You have no idea just how long I’ve wanted to touch you. To feel our bodies collide in an ecstasy-filled embrace. “Just put it in me!” I cry out quickly tugging at your pajama pants as I spread my legs showing my perfect little hairless cunt to you. The wetness of it glistens in the moonlight shining through the window as you quickly help me. Climbing onto the bed to tower over me as you begin slowly sliding into me. That massive cock of yours slipping so deep as I cry out. Do you cover my mouth with your hand, or do you let me scream with the need of you? What would you do if my sister came in? Would she join us?