Submissive Men Turn Me On

Submissive Phone SexI might look like a sweet, innocent teen to you. But, I am anything but that. I love when men are submissive to me and I love seeing them suck other cocks. I love stupid cuckolds who know exactly how pathetic they are. I can be ruthless, I have one that is married and I will come over and bring my leather dom outfit and there is a place for a strap on. I love walking over to his pathetic fuck ass and shove my cock in his mouth and make him suck it until I feel it’s sloppy enough. I put him on his knees and shove it in his ass that spit of his is the only lube he is getting. I make him stroke it while I pound his dirty pink hole. He is so pathetic and he starts freaking out because he thinks he hears his wife’s car outside. I put his head down and keep fucking him and I make him come for me while I am plunging deep in his ass.

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