Please officer

Fantasy phone sex


As a college freshman I’m really fucking broke and I’m always getting in fucked up situations. This weekend I was partying with some hot frat guys and I was driving. Bad Idea, on my way back to my dorm, I got pulled over by a cop. He said I was swerving and driving across middle lines. He then gave a soberiety test. I fucking failed as you can guess, the officer was pulled me over was so hot, he was a little older than me, muscular, nice round ass i could tell he was packing some major heat in his tight blue polyster cop pants that were bulging at his crotch, that pecker was practically throbbing thru the fabric. I batted my eyes and asked him”officeer can’t we work something oiut so you don’t have to write me a ticker or tow my vehicle, He looked me up and down and licked his lips and nodded his head yes, and next thing you know he’s got me bent over at the  waist , my skirt over my head and he’s fucking the shit out of my tight wet slit. My snatch is so tight I could feel his cock stiffen even more, He had a fist full of my hair and smashing it facedown on the hood of his car hood which was steaming hot from driving all over the county all day. He spit down on my twat and was saying how much he loved coed pussy and I could hear him licking his lips an snarling at my body an he smacked my ass and I felt my ass check ripple. He said are you ready you slut bitch? He didn’t wait for my response as he tried to push thru my tight slit. Oh oh oh oh yes fuck yes you college whore I’m butt fucking your prissy ass right now. How do you  like getting ass raped by my big fat pecker? He was thrusting so hard inside my sphincter I could feel a trickly of blood run between my legs and he snickered and ran his tongue across hill billy candy corn teeth. I felt sick to my stomach and it’s then he grunted loudly and he shot the mother load deep inside my guts and it spilled out the sides.of my puckered brown eye, he shook and convulsed one more time and finished emptying his balls into my poop chute.

I slid my skirt over me and reminded him very nicely that now we were even for the ticket, he grinned and said..”for this time yes”. whatever that means I thought to myself.

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