Panty wetting princess

Fetish phone sexMy youngest little angel is such a panty wetting princess, she’s my ultimate accessory while having super nasty fetish phone sex with all of my horny callers. I take off her piss-filled panties and shove them deep down her throat so that she knows what it’s like to gag on her own vaginal fluids. I’m the urine queen and she’s my young little pee pee princess! She is constantly begging me to drink my piss, she loves the way my pregnant cunt tastes. My hormones have been raging and my body has been excreting lots of yummy juices that come out of me when I pee. I squat over a big bowl and aim it inside so that we can have a whole bunch to play with and drink down. My sweet girl knows that it’s okay to pee in her panties at any given time no matter where she’s at! Whether it be at school, a friend’s house, the playground or the shopping mall, my youngster is a wet little mess and loves when she causes a scene. All of the horny men out in public are always enamored by the sight of her petite barely legal body unleashing pee pee all over!

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