Naughty Aspen started a Group fuck fest!

Group sex

I Started An Orgy 

I was invited to a swing club the other day and had some of the hottest Group sex you could imagine. A orgy of 15 people covered in cum and sweat.

See, although I have been, I always just watched. This time I was walking around the club and came across this group in the back. The woman were fucking hot and were fucking each other. There were about 8 of them all with their faces buried in each other’s cunts. Licking and sucking on pussy lips. The men were just spectating at first and I stopped to watch. I was standing next to this man who was beautiful to say the least. Tall, dark, huge dick! As we watched his hand dipped down into my wet slit. As soon as he saw how wet I was he lifted me up, wrapping my legs around his body and pushed that fat dick inside of me. The woman gathered around. Inadvertently I started an orgy! 

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