My youngsters love to watch

Tight shaved pussyMy sweet little youngsters love to watch me use my dildo as I fuck my tight shaved pussy with it. I’m such a naughty Mommy, I swear there is literally nothing better that knowing that my rugrats are getting off while enjoying the hott & kinky show that I put on for them with my sex toys. I’m dripping wet and have them crawl over & lick me clean while I fuck my slutty pregnant hole. My vagina lips flap open so beautifully, it’s like a flower blossoming right before their eyes! I always make sure to take pics and videos of their tiny cunts so that I use them later on to masturbate! Whenever I need to pump my breasts I just take all of my titty milk and store it in the fridge so that we can use it at our discretion. We enjoy putting it in and on everything that we eat and drink, it’s the perfect addition! Whenever my girlies have their friends over we always bake up some goodies using my tasty boobie milk, it’s so delicious and nutritious!

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