Love Being Grandma To Adult Babies

I love diaper play. I love changing and taking care of adult babies. I love to get them all dry and cozy. I get turned on as fuck forcing them to wear a diaper and make them poop in it. Lots of adult babies resist pooping in a diaper but when the adult babies I am playing with do that it does not end well for them. I give them a nice soapy warm enema and they are pooping before they know it. I also love to spank adult babies soundly and humiliate them for wearing a diaper. I threaten to take pictures of them in a diaper and send them to all their friends and family. They are under my complete and total control.  I like to make them like granny’s pussy and make me feel good as a thank you for changing their diaper and punishing them when they are bad.

diaper phone sex

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