Looking For My “P” Daddies

I love dressing up in little pink skirts and pigtails and reverting back to a young one. I love my nasty “P” daddies, I have a neighbor who is one. He loves some really good ageplay sex and my small stature makes it so easy to give in to his desire. I have my stuffies I play with and love to read to and then as I am being tucked in like a good little slutkin I love to be shown how to suck a mean cock and try to wrap my smalls hands around the thickness of it. I love the way it tastes like trying to lick and suck the tip of an ice cream cone. I love to be held while suckling on his balls and he loves my little white cotton panties with daddy’s girl written right along my ass and he does put his fingers down on my bald tight cunny and feels how wet. Like a good slut does I lie on my back and get ready to take that meat stick like a champ and he grabs onto my pigs tails for handles and fucks me raw.Little Girl Phone Sex

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