Little Timmy Has Been A Naughty Boy

My naughty little son Timmy is a little girly slut. He’s been a naughty boy and that means mama needs to get him the punishments he deserves. He was given a bath where I fondled and squeezed his pee-pee and little ball sack until he whimpered. I then slipped my finger into his tight little boy bum. I had him throwing a fit but he needs to understand when he ruins mommy’s favorite lipstick he gets punished. I drained the bath water had him on his knees and shoved the enema tube in his little boy bum hole. I let the bag of warm liquid fill his belly and bowels. I put a clothes pin on his ball sack and occasionally slapped it around while the enema gave him belly aches. I told Timmy he was going to be a good princess for mommy’s friend and he would be calling him daddy.

The enema was finishing up when Mr. B came to the bathroom to see his little slut doll getting cleaned out. I didn’t even get to have fun with dressing Timmy like a little girl. His daddy was hard looking at that bum in the air with the tube spreading his hole. Daddy lifted Timmy out  of the tub. He yanked the enema tube from his little boy bottom. He sat on the toilet and shoved little Timmy’s bum on his big hard dick. Timmy screamed and cried as his filthy enema water poured out all over daddy’s cock as daddy penetrated, gaped and fucked little Timmy like a rag doll.

Sissy Phone Sex

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    • Rafael on April 8, 2022 at 8:25 pm
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    Irene is the sexiest phone slut I ever talked to. She said some crazy shit that had me horny as hell.

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